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Try something new

There are moments when "NEW" happens. It may be a food, a place, an experience or something as simple as meeting new people but no matter what those moments may be there is a level of excitment.

My case of "NEW" came when my best friend asked me to paint his Scotty Cameron putter head. Now for any of you golf enthusiasts, you understand, this is not a simple ask. This is a $400 piece of iconic hardware and the last thing I want to do is to mess it up.

Regardless of the potential downside I accepted the challenge. Researching the topic of painting golf clubs came with many ideas and theories on "how to". After a couple days of collecting information I created my own theory. I sketched out a concept to help execute the plan, purchased all the necessary materials, took a deep breathe and crossed my fingers I did not just make a huge mistake.

The night came to work on the project and my friend came to the house with his putter in hand, smile on his face and great expectations in his mind. He was so excited to see his newly refinished putter. All I kept thinking was, "Don't fuck it up!". And so it began. I took the putter and went step-by-step through my theorized process and only had one hiccup which was easily rectified, no primer was needed. About 4 hours later, a lot of laughs and a few beers, the putter was finished. Low and behold it came out better than I think any of us imagined. (Check out the photo's in the Sketch & Stuff part of the site)

This was a great experience and reminder that "NEW" is nothing to be afraid of. Take the risk, you might surprise yourself in a great way.

Go be great!

- Ninja

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