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Today is the first 18 of the year '18. In Judaism 18 is a lucky number so it's serendipitous I chose today to start the blog.

This year my goals are simple...

1. Finish Strong. Seeing the goal line and crossing over it are two separate ideals. Some people get close to the end of a project or goal and fade away and say that they "pretty much" achieved what they wanted. Don't do that. This is the year of finishing strong.

2. Think First. Traditionally I am an ask for forgiveness not permission type of person. And there is nothing wrong with that sometimes. Sometimes. This year I'd like to find a better balance and start thinking before jumping.

3. Help Others. Huge blanket statement but I mean it on so many levels. Friends who need a shoulder, guidance, an ear, or maybe it's volunteering more, helping family or a charity. Fortunate is such an understatement for how I feel about my life. It is only right to give back as many times and as many ways as possible.

That's what I plan on accomplishing this year. What's your plan? Share your goals or comment on mine, I'd love to talk. Just remember, whatever you'd like to do or accomplish this year or next, there is only one person holding you back from crossing that finish line.

Go be great!

- Ninja